Green Energy: How To Use It At Home

Green Energy: How To Use It At Home

At Nature’s Harmony Farm, we’re all about conserving the environment. Some of the ways we do that are through wind energy and solar panels at our farm. You can also be part of the good people supporting environment conservation by adopting green energy in your home. Here are some ways that you can do it too.

Installation Solar Panels

Solar energy is probably the cleanest green energy we are going to have for a while. It is also very convenient in that you don’t need to create an extra space since your roof is enough for panels. Unlike most of the green energy, solar energy has the best renewability properties- you will get energy immediately the sunlight comes in the morning.

With most of the home around the world receiving sunlight for more than 10 hours per day, then everyone can harvest adequate energy for their electricity needs. However, your panels’ latitude and orientation will determine the amount of power collected.

Wind Turbines

Wind power turbines are increasingly becoming popular with homeowners due to a number of benefits. If you live in areas where there is a constant wind, then this would be a perfect choice of green energy for you. Unlike solar panels, a good size wind turbine can easily generate all the electrical energy that you need for your home.

In addition, it can produce power 24/7 as long as there is wind. So, you may not need a backup. However, you need to check your local laws as well as zoning regulation in your area. In some parts of Australia, wind turbines are forbidden.

wind turbines

Solar Oven

Solar oven or solar cooker is probably one of the simplest and cheapest form of green energy. It is a simple gadget that you can use to warm food by trapping sun heat. The oven is designed with a mirrored surface with high specular reflection which concentrates solar heat to the food pot. A black pot works best for the solar oven. The good thing about the solar oven is that you can use it even when there is a power blackout. It is also a perfect green energy for outdoor adventurers.

Installing Hydro Power

Hydropower works great for homes close to a flowing water stream. What you need is to divert some if not all the water to flow through your water turbine. You need to create a large vertical distance so that adequate water pressure is created to move the water turbines faster. Depending on the amount of water, you can generate a substantial amount of hydropower enough for you and a number of neighboring homes. So, it could also be a commercial venture.

Solar Water heater

Are you still using electric or gas water heater? Well, you have no reason for not going green in heating your water. A solar water heater is what you need. They are highly effective water heaters that use solar energy to heat water for your home. The system uses sun heat to heat a reserve of water, which is then pumped into the house. The water heating system could be a little bit expensive to install but very cheap in the long run compared to gas and electric options.

Solar Air Conditioner

Solar air conditioners are gaining popularity in the market due to their green energy property and excellent efficiency in cooling homes. Unlike conventional AC units that used electricity to heat up the refrigerant, solar AC uses heat from the sun neat. So, there will be no greenhouse emission when cooling your home using these air conditioners. That is what makes it green.

The good thing about solar air conditioning system that you can use the hot water produces for air conditioning for other home uses. Therefore, with this system, you can have an AC unit and water heater at the same time.

If you want to green energy in your home, these are some of the best green projects you can pick from. Some of them, such as solar ovens are very cheap and easy to use. With these green projects, you will not only save the environment but also save money in the long run.