Award-Winning Cheeses
That Honor Tradition

Heritage and tradition are very important at Nature’s Harmony so our cheeses are based on time-honored European cheese methods that we have adapted to our local conditions in northeastern Georgia. We embrace the changes in the seasons that lead to delicious and discernible variations in our cheeses. The taste of each of our handcrafted cheeses reflect the animal health, diverse pastures, clean water and soil minerals that goes into the milk. Our goal is to capture the full flavor and nutritional qualities of the rich raw cow’s milk and preserve it in the form of exceptionally aged artisan cheese. All Nature’s Harmony artisanal cheese is made with raw milk, completely hand made and slowly aged with natural rinds.


Georgia Gold Clothbound Cheddar

Winner – 2014 Good Food Award,
Grand Champion – 2014 Flavor of Georgia &
Gold Medal – 2014 World Jersey Cheese Championship, South Africa

Inspired by the classic English, clothbound cheddar cheeses that were bandaged in cheese cloth and cave-aged, Georgia Gold Clothbound Cheddar is made in 22-pound truckles.  Georgia Gold Clothbound Cheddar teases the taste buds at every stage of its development.  Bright, citric flavors after a few months of aging complement a smooth, creamy texture.  As each cheese approaches its first birthday we notice a deeper, more savory cheese with a buttery, malty finish and crunchy, crumbly texture.

Pair it with an oaked Cabernet Savignon, a strong, brown ale, sparkling apple cider, or a vintage port.


Winner – 2012 American Cheese Society,
Winner – 2013 Good Food Award,
Gold Medal – 2012 World Jersey Cheese Championship, England
Winner – 2012 Garden & Gun Made in the South &
Silver Medal – 2014 World Jersey Cheese Championship, South Africa

Named after our local community, Fortsonia is an Alpine-style cheese inspired by Comté and Gruyère. Its rich nuttiness provides the ‘oomph’ a dish sometimes needs to reach its full potential.  While aging, Fortsonia becomes firm with nutty and sweet flavors, particularly notes of caramel and hazelnut. The longer it ages, the more nutty and complex the flavors become.

Sweet and nutty Fortsonia is versatile and pairs well with many wines, including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, or Zinfandel. For a beer pairing, try a witbier spiced with coriander or orange, or a Geuze-style Lambic.

Elberton Blue

Third Award- 2015 United States Cheese Championship
Finalist – 2014 Good Food Award,
Silver Medal – 2014 World Jersey Cheese Championship, South Africa

A natural rind blue-veined cheese with a firm, yet crumbly texture that melts in your mouth. Dense, fudgy, luscious and creamy, Elberton Blue Cheese, like the blue collar town in which it is made, is a blue cheese for everyone…”a people’s blue”, if you will. While some people like a really big, bold blue cheese, the fact that the Elberton Blue is not so strong makes it approachable to a larger group of cheese lovers. We can’t count the number of people who have said “I don’t like blue cheese” and then instantly recanted once they savored Elberton Blue Cheese.

Cherokee Rose

(not yet entered into competitions)

Cherokee Rose Raclette

Named after the state flower of Georgia, Cherokee Rose showcases the best qualities of raw cow’s milk. It has a smooth, soft, creamy texture with flavors of fresh sweet milk and a tangy finish. Daily hand washing with a house brine solution produces a reddish, edible rind.  This lovely cheese is the color of buttery sunshine and melts beautifully.

Aged for 60-90 days, Cherokee Rose is an original Nature’s Harmony recipe, though it has been compared by cheesemongers to Raclette.

Introduced in 2014, Cherokee Rose is the newest cheese in our line up.