I own a restaurant downtown and Natures Harmony Farm has been serving my ingredients for several years now. Even before they had opened their stores, they were already allowing me to outsource vegetables from them. I can say that my salad that is loved by the people of Tempe won’t be the same without them. Moreover, the products they provide are much cheaper so I can even make a lot of savings. They even charge me less in exchange for cooking for their recipient shelter every end of the month which I gladly do. The couple who owns this really has a big heart. As such, it’s no wonder how they are successful in their business.


I already commissioned Natures Harmony Farm to deliver to my home jams once a month. My kids love them so I always make sure to keep them in stock at home. Sometimes, they even just eat them as is. They highly enjoy the strawberries sometimes which are in bite pieces in it. Their jams come in many flavors but their strawberry jam is the most popular among kids. I even use them as gift items to my neighbors, especially during holidays. Now everybody is craving for it and it is all my fault! But nonetheless, kudos for Greg and Marjorie for a job well done.


I frequent this shop because this is where I buy the ingredients from my salad. I like the crunchiness of their lettuce and tomatoes. Whenever I come here, I love that they always have something new on their shelf. Whether a freshly-cooked pie or newly baked cakes, they always have something to offer. They never fail to surprise people with what products they could come up with next. Aside from that, they give freebies and generous discounts all the time.