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What do we aim to achieve?

Nature’s Harmony Farm is owned and established by Greg and Marjorie Rockefeller. This is a farmers market wherein all products that are being sold are fresh and organic. Greg and Marjorie get their products straight from their farm which is just outside of Tempe. Every day, new farm products are being delivered to ensure that every product the customer would buy from them is fresh. They are very strict in monitoring the quality of the products they are going to sell. Every product is especially hand-picked. What products do not pass the quality assurance test would be transformed into other goods such as jams and pickles. If they are still not appropriate for these processed foods, they are being donated to the nearby foundation. Nevertheless, every product here has their role in the market.

Greg and Marjorie Rockefeller decided to establish this farmers market back in 2001. At first, they were hesitant in pushing through with this venture because they have 2 children to give attention to every day. They are very hands-on parents so they thought that with this new business, they would forego the time spent with them. But they still tried. The products they have back then are not as many as what they have now. Then, they only have a few chickens. But through the years, they cultivated further their land and decided to expand. They bought other farm animals as well as goats and cows. From there, they invested in creating processed goods such as cheese and butter which are largely patronized by both locals and tourists alike. Aside from these, however, it is the jams which are of export quality that are the favorites among our patrons. In fact, it gets easily sold out with people making reservations for these products even weeks before our production.

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