Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Natures Harmony Farm, we have our own farm where we get our products. Our fruits and vegetables are meticulously handled upon harvest and are handpicked from the source. We have a team of people who had been with us for years now. They are well-trained for this. That is the reason why all the products you see from our farmers market look flawless every single time. They are already well-versed in the technique on how to harvest properly so they never waste a single fruit.

We allow people to personally come to the farm. There they can pick themselves the fruits and vegetables they want. It is outside Tempe though so it is necessary to book an appointment first. We only accept a limited number of people per day to ensure that our farms would be protected and won’t be accidentally destroyed by the crowd. Walk-ins are only allowed if the number of those who book an appointment did not meet our quota for the day.

There are locals in the area who commissioned our service in delivering to their doorsteps the vegetables and fruits, or other agricultural products they need on a regular basis. Many ask us to deliver at least once a week. You can place your orders online. If your address is just within our vicinity, we can deliver it to you. Otherwise, you can pick it up at our stores. Check out the places included in our delivery list. For more info about this, please contact us.

Thank you for your continued patronage. We know that you want to know more about our farm and our farmers market. So why don’t you read the frequently asked question by our customers so you could know more about the products and services we offer here. Just in case your questions are not included below, feel free to email us anytime.