Organic Food’s Environmental Benefits

Organic Food’s Environmental Benefits

The term ‘organic’ has been associated with quality and good health. That is the reason why any food that is labelled organic is selling at a higher price in most supermarkets and food stores in Australia. But in the wake of climate change, it is essential to understand the impact that organic farming has on the environment.

Apart from the healthy food option that it offers, there are numerous other benefits that organic farming has on the environment. Here are some of the ways that organic farming is beneficial to the environment and nature at large.

Zero pesticides and Chemicals Pollution

Organic farming is all about farming food in a natural environment. That means mean no chemicals such as synthetic fertiliser or pesticides in food to kill pests. These farming products contributes massively to water pollution, both underground water and surface water. Organic farming uses natural products such as compost fertiliser and so on. Therefore, this type of farming reduces chemicals and other pollutants that pollute water.

Helps To Build Health Soil

The other advantage of organic farming is promoting soil quality. Farming products such as pesticides and synthetic fertilisers are responsible for destroying the quality of the soil. They are laden with chemicals that kill living microorganisms in the soil. They also alter the pH of the soil by making it more acid than normal. By using organic fertilisers such as compost to grow the food, it helps to promote healthy soil. Organic farming adds nutrients to the soil.

Preserve Biodiversity

For a healthy ecosystem, we must strive to maintain balanced biodiversity. That’s what organic farming is providing. With the avoidance of chemicals such as pesticides, and the use of mixed farming to control pest, we can maintain biodiversity as it should be. This encourages a natural balance of the ecosystem, which is crucial for a healthy environment. So, the preservation of biodiversity is one of the reasons why we should support organic farming.

Organic Farming Reduces Erosion

Soil erosion is one of the biggest threats to the environment. Due to poor farming practices, we are losing the fertile top layer of the soil to erosions. One of the challenges of chemical farming is killing other plants on the farm. That is how the topsoil is left exposed and weak to withstand surface runoff during rains or strong winds. However, in organic farming, other plants are not eliminated except the crop when it matures. That is how the top fertile top layer of the soil is intact and safe.

Fight against Global Warming

One of the biggest threats to the planet today is global warming. It is a phenomenon that is threating the existence of both plants, human and animals. Already, the unpredictable weather changes, floods, and so on have taken thousands of lives. With the avoidance of chemicals in farming, there is a reduction of greenhouse gases released to the atmosphere. Organic farming also encourages the growth of vegetation, which helps to absorb carbon dioxide. So, by buying organic food, you will be supporting the fight against the effects of global warming.

Conserves Local Wildlife

One of the things use of pesticide, and other chemicals do is killing the local wildlife. That is why it is difficult to find a bee in the farms that are using chemicals. But with organic farming, the local wildlife is left to thrive in its natural habitat. So, you can find butterflies, bees, rats, birds and other wildlife in organic farms.

Requires Less Energy

Unlike conventional farming, organic farming does not consume a lot of energy. The production of synthetic fertiliser and pesticide requires a lot of energy, which increases greenhouse gases. Organic farming does not use these products, and thus, very insignificant energy is needed to support it. It is also important to note that conventional farming requires a lot of water pumped to irrigate the crops. That means a lot more energy is needed to meet their water needs compared to organic farming.

Organic farming provides numerous benefits to the environment. That is why all nature-conscious people should buy organic food to support this green farming. It is essential to note that organic food is good for the body because it is healthier than chemically grown good.