Save The Environment With These 8 Habits

Save The Environment With These 8 Habits

One of the biggest debates across the world is on climate change. That’s after devastating natural phenomena that the world has experienced as a result of environmental degradation. Whereas states are doing something on a global stage, we can also do something to save the environment at an individual level.

Simple things such as forming a habit can make a huge difference in the fight against environmental damage. In this guide, we have rounded up some of the eight habits that you can adopt to help save nature.

Here are 8 green habits everyone should adopt to save the environment

1. Avoid Plastic Bottles

One of the biggest contributors to environmental degradation is plastic. It has affected both the dry land and marine life devastatingly. Instead of purchasing bottled water, consider buying a refrigerator water filter for your fridge. Fridge water filters are popular in Australian homes due to their health and eco-friendly benefits and it’s something the rest of the world could do with following.

Need more reasons to stop using plastic? The biggest problem with plastic is its non-biodegradable nature. In fact, it is believed to take hundreds of years to biodegrade completely. That is why we have it all over the place. Plastic production also results in greenhouse gases, which are causing global warming. These are some of the reasons why you should avoid plastic bottles. Instead, use eco-friendly water canteens.

2. Recycling

Recycling is one of the ways that we can help make the environment better. It has been proven that recycling helps to reduce the energy used to produce a new product by 50% in some products. That means a significant reduction in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. If we practice recycling, then we can help reduce the rate at which the environment is degrading.

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3. Save Water

One of the simplest things we can do at the individual level to conserve the environment is saving water. Being a limited commodity, we must ensure that we are using properly. We usually use a lot more water than we need in our homes. Some of the green habits we can adopt are closing faucet when brushing teeth. We can also install water flow restrictors such as aerator to reduce the flow of water. These are some of the habits that can help save water.

4. Sustainable Mobility

How we move around affects the environment. If you are always driving, then you are contributing to environmental damage since cars burn fossil fuels. If every one of us drives to work, then the amount CO2 and other greenhouse gases would continue increasing. That’s why you should form a habit of using sustainable mobility. If you can walk or cycle to work, don’t use a car. You should also consider using public transport. These habits will help to reduce greenhouse emissions.

5. Use Second Hands

Some people insist on buying new things, but what they don’t know is that the habit promotes environmental degradation. Every time you buy new objects, you create demand for the production of the replacement. That means more energy will be used to produce, transport and thus more CO2. Going for second-hand products does not trigger production, and thus, the energy used is almost zero. That is another habit that saves the environment.

6. Buy Washable Nappies

Most people don’t know that disposable nappies produce about 15% of the non-recyclable waste. That’s why these options have become increasingly popular due to convenience. But you can change this habit and start using washable nappies. These are nappies that can be re-used and thus does not create demand for more production. Apart from saving nature, the habit will also save you money in the long run.

7. Plant Trees

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Trees are the lungs of the planet. They absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and produce oxygen for human and animals. Therefore, trees are instrumental in preventing global warming. They will help to decrease air pollution as well as absorb suns heat. They are also crucial in bringing rainfall. These are just some of the ways that tree planting habits will help you save the environment.

8. Save Energy

Last but not least is saving energy. For every unit of electricity that you use, fossil fuel is burnt. Therefore, avoid wasting energy. Start with replacing lights with LEDs since they use just a fraction of energy to produce the same light. Use natural light during the day by opening windows. You should also switch off your HVAC system when going out. These are some of the energy-saving habits that can help you save the environment and money.

If you can adopt these simple habits, then you will be making the planet a better place for all. They are easy, and most of them will save you money.