Keeping The Environment Clean With Regulated Farm Drainage

Keeping The Environment Clean With Regulated Farm Drainage

Pollution is the biggest challenges affecting the planet today. Every minute, there are tons of pollutants released to the environment across the world. Whereas industries have been blamed for environmental degradation, most of us don’t realise the kind of damage that agricultural activities are doing to the planet. 

There are many ways that agriculture can contribute to environmental degradation. However, poor farm drainage is one of the biggest contributing factors. The good news is that there are ways you can help keep the ecosystem clean by regulating our farm drainage. 

Here are the best ways to keep the environment clean with regulated farm drainage:  

Plan A Proper Drainage System 

The biggest mistake most farm owners make is failing to design a proper drainage system. With most farms starting small, most people are unable to have a drainage system that can handle an expanded farm. You must ensure that you have a properly designed farm drainage that can handle all your sewerage needs. 

Start with hiring an experienced professional for the designing and installation of farm drainage. Work with an expert who has worked on a drainage system of similar size to yours or larger. We recommend farmers to avoid working with newbies in the industry due to lack of quality and experience. Working with a specialist who has been in the market for years guarantee professionalism. 

To plan an efficient farm drainage system, you must get several factors correct. One of the crucial features is the size of drain pipes. You need to have the right size that can handle even large volumes of sewerage in the future. You should always anticipate flooding surface water due to heavy rains. 

Backflow Testing 

One of the plumbing problems that you do not want to happen to your farm drainage system is backflow. This is a situation where the sewerage from your farm reverses. It is a serious problem that can cause severe damages to the environment, including contaminating your clean water. That’s why backflow should be avoided by all cost. Backflow testing is one of the most efficient ways of dealing with this problem.  

Backflow testing simply tests whether your drain is reversing. Note that even the backflow prevention devices can fail and drainage starts reversing. That’s why it is important to test for the backflow regularly, and more so before and during the rainy season.  

The common causes of backflow include back pressure, pipe damage or authority line damages. Therefore, you need a professional plumber who has advanced tools and skills to diagnose the problem and fix it. A plumber with vast experience in backflow testing for commercial industries is recommended for farm drainage backflow testing. 

Conduct Pipe Relining 

No drainage system is designed to last forever. After using your drainage system for about two decades, the pipes will be too old to handle the pressure from both the soil over them and the flowing water. The pipe also starts developing holes and breakages due to aging. You can easily tell whether your farm drainage is approaching lifespan. If you start seeing pools water or greener grass near the line, it’s a sign of deteriorating line. 

Gone are days when the deteriorating drainage line was a complete replacement. Pipe relining is one of the latest technologies that extends drainage line lifespan. It is a trenchless technology that makes use of an epoxy coating or liner on the inside of the old pipe to give it a new life. You don’t need to do any digging to reline the old pipes. 

concrete pipes for construction

One of the benefits of epoxy material is an extended lifespan compared to PVC, cast iron and other materials. You can expect the relined farm drainage to last for more than 50 years. The pipe relining costs is just a small fraction of replacing the new drain line completely. Therefore, it is cheaper and offers a longer-lasting solution. 

Regular Maintenance 

The other thing you need to do to keep the environment clean is maintaining your farm drainage. Like any other drainage system, many factors would make it ineffective. One of the biggest problems is clogging due to build-up of foreign materials. Clogged farm drainage causes sewerage flooding, which eventually causes environmental pollution. That’s why it is essential to maintain the drain line. 

Cleaning the farm drainage system should be done regularly. If you notice a slow drain, you need to have the line check. Maybe there is a clog building up inside the pipe. Work with a professional drain cleaning service provider because they have advanced equipment such as drain cameras to check such problems. In case of a drain backup, you will need drain camera inspection services to do a thorough cleaning. 

Thorough maintenance of the farm drain system is crucial before the start of the rainy season. Drain pipes provide a perfect hiding place for pests such as rodents during the cold season. They bring in all manner of foreign materials which eventually causes stubborn clogs. You might need hydro jetting services to remove stubborn blockages. 

Repair Faulty Parts 

For a properly working farm drain, you must ensure that all faulty areas are repaired immediately. One common mistake most farm owners make ignoring small problems such as a leaking drain line. What you may not know is that dangerous chemicals from your farm could leak hence polluting the environment. There are signs that indicate your drain line could be faulty. They include reduced pressure, sewer smell and water pool near the line.  

If you notice any sign of a leaking drain line, call your plumber immediately to check for leaks. Today, we have advance leak detection technology that can locate the actual location of the leak. Whether it is a broken pipe or holes, have them repaired immediately to avoid environmental pollution.  

In conclusion, you can keep the environment clean by ensuring that your farm drainage system is maintained in the best condition possible. However, work with a qualified and reliable drain cleaning service provider. If you need a professional to assist with your pipe relining and other drainage services, contact for a quote:

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