Ossabaw pork chops

Ossabaw Boar Half – 66 lb side

One half of a rare breed Ossabaw Island pig


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One half of a rare breed Ossabaw Island pig

Pigs will be processed today, May 28, 2014 and will be ready for pickup this Saturday or next Monday, after butchering. You must pick up at the butcher in Thomson, GA

The cost for this pork half is $300. The total DRESS WEIGHT of this pig was 132 lbs so this half is approximately 66 lbs. The processor estimates that approximately 70% of this weight will be pork cuts (depending on how you want yours cut), so each half may be expected to yield 45-50 lbs of pork cuts.
This price INCLUDES the kill, butcher and paper wrap fee.  You tell butcher how you want it cut (see our guide below). Also, you can pay the butcher an extra $.20/lb for vacuum packing if you wish. Just tell them you want vacuum packing when you call them.

Pork Cutting InstructionsOssabaw pork chops

This is just a guide. You are responsible for contacting the processor and relaying your instructions, and they will be happy to guide you. We will email you their contact information after your payment has been confirmed.

Now, regarding the cutting instructions…there is no “one” way to cut a pig. It depends on personal preference. For example, you could grind the entire pig into ground pork, or you could cube the entire ham, have the entire ham whole or grind it. You could cut pork chops 1/2 inch thick or 2 inches thick.  As for Nature’s Harmony Farm, below is our “standard” pork cutting instructions.

  • Shoulder roasts are cut into 3-4 lb pieces with the bone in
  • Boston butt is cut into 3-4 lb pieces with the bone in
  • For the ham, we cut the center ham into a roast. The rest we use for either ground pork and sausage. You could cut more ham roasts, slice the ham into large slices (though this is NOT cured ham) or cube it.
  • For the loins we pull the baby loins out whole. Then, we cut pork chops 1 1/4 inch thick and place 2 per pack. You may want them thinner and 4 per pack depending on your family situation.
  • For the sides (bellies), we cut into chunks 2-3 lbs each for making bacon or dinner braising. You may want your entire side/belly whole. In that case, it may be 8-10 pounds depending on the size of the pig.
  • We cut the hocks into 3 inch pieces or so. These ARE NOT smoked, but can easily be smoked on your own.
  • The feet are split and wrapped
  • The head is cut in half and wrapped. If you don’t want it your dogs may.
  • We take all the fat that isn’t used in sausage or ground and make lard with it.
  • We cut fatback into 2-3 lb chunks for lard or cooking.
  • We wrap neckbones (great for soups, stews and dogs!)
  • We split pork ribs into 2 pieces and wrap
  • Finally, any trim we have left over we normally make half ground and half loose sausage.  If you prefer sausage patties, you can request that rather than loose sausage. We prefer loose (bulk) since we can use it in sauces and still make patties if we’d like.

We encourage you to use all of the animal even if you use some for pet food.


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