Award_Winning Clothbound Cheddar

Cheese – Georgia Gold Clothbound Cheddar

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2014 Good Food Awards Winner & Grand Champion Flavor of Georgia Competition!


Georgia Gold Clothbound Cheddar teases the taste buds at every stage of its development.  Bright, citric flavors at the six month mark complement a smooth, creamy texture. At twelve months, the pineapple notes give way to a deeper, more savory cheese with a buttery, malty finish, offering a delightfully new taste sensation. Inspired by the classic English clothbound cheddar cheeses that were bandaged in cheese cloth and cave aged, Georgia Gold Clothbound Cheddar is made in 22-25 pound truckles and aged from six months to a year. At six months it is smooth and almost creamy. Aged 10-14 months and it becomes deliciously crunchy, earthy and tangy.


Made in very small batches (maximum of 5 truckles per make) from the raw milk of our grass fed

Jersey cows, Georgia Gold is wrapped in muslin cloth just after hooping and pressing. We then brush it liberally with melted lard. Afterwards, each cheese is hand-tended and carefully aged.

SUGGESTED USESed in our cheese cave for 4-6 months, depending on the desire of each customer.

Honestly…just eat it. Don't mess it up with anything else, as this is a special treasure. Go ahead and try to eat just one bite…we dare you.


There's never “one” answer to pairing cheese and drink. Some of our favorites are a fruity Pinot Noir, a strong ale, apple liqueur or cider, and, of course, a vintage port.

Aged 4-6 months, 7-9 ounces.

5.00 out of 5


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