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Artisan Cheese That Honors Tradition

Heritage and tradition are very important to us, so our cheeses are based on traditional European artisan cheese methods that are adapted to our local conditions in northeastern Georgia.  We embrace the fact that the seasonal nature of  grasses will lead to delicious and discernible variations in our seasonal cheeses.  The taste of each of our handcrafted cheeses reflect the diverse pastures, clean water and soil minerals that goes into the milk.  Our goal is to capture the full flavor and nutritional qualities of the rich Jersey cow milk and preserve it in the form of exceptional artisan cheese. We believe that to do this we must use only raw milk.  Since the milk is never pasteurized we age all cheeses for at least sixty days as required by federal regulations.

All Nature's Harmony cheese is made with raw milk, completely hand made and cave aged with natural rinds.We offer several varieties of handcrafted artisan cheese although they’re not each available at all times since we produce less than 15,000 pounds of cheese annually.

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